Did you buy a DNA test for Father’s Day?

I am lucky that my dad is still with us, but when it comes to gift buying I am always stumped. He has everything, or so I thought. Last year I got him a DNA test for Father’s Day. ┬áBefore the test, he thought his only relatives where his brother and sister and one cousin. Now I have found several distant cousins and traced their lineages back to my Dad’s family. He has received pictures of relatives he had only the vaguest memories of hearing about as a child, and now he has an extensive group of ‘cousins’. The DNA test I purchased brought him the gift of family members, which was – as they say – ‘priceless’.

If you recently purchased a DNA test from all the great Father’s Day sales, I hope you have an experience similar to ours. If you find you need some help figuring out your new cousin matches, just contact me at GreyMatterDNA@gmail.com