Just returned from NERGC in Springfield, MA. What was the ‘Hot Topic’ you ask? DNA! The classes were packed and many could not even get in the door. Everyone was talking DNA, purchasing DNA tests and asking questions.

At the same time I overheard numerous discussions among conference attendees about DNA, and much of the information they were sharing was just wrong.  Even though DNA testing has been around for more than a decade, people including many genealogists, still do not understand the tests or how to use them. More education and assistance is needed in order to fully grasp this technology and wring out out the information it can provide.

While our genetic trees are certainly different from our genealogy trees, DNA provides a key to solving many brick walls and growing our family trees. Don’t sit back and delude yourself that DNA is just a FAD. Don’t be afraid of it because science ‘isn’t your thing.’ Genetic testing is not going away, it is just growing in use and function. So take the plunge, scrap and spit, and then educate yourself on all that DNA can do to enhance your genealogy.