Leaving for GRIP on Sunday. Very excited to take Chromosome Mapping and use the technique to trace down  2nd GGrandparents on my mom’s side. They are rather elusive, as they arrived from Bohemia in the 1880’s and were not thoughtful enough to leave behind many clues of their birth and parents. Fingers crossed that enough descendants of theirs have DNA tested so that I can find them.

In preparation for my week-long class, I have been forced to learn Genome Mate Pro. It was always on my ToDo list, but I never got it done! Sound familiar? Well, lots of time and frustration later and I think I understand at least the basics of the program. I can already see how powerful this program will be in my search. I am excited to be able to have the expert Karen Stanbary to ask all my many questions about this software.

Stay tuned!