Grey Matter Genealogy provides the following research capabilities:

  • DNA Testing Plans – Develop a DNA testing plan to address your specific question including adoptions or brick walls. Testing plans identify who to test, where to test and which DNA tests are appropriate to address your problem.
  • DNA Analysis – Explain and analyze your DNA results from AncestryDNA, FTDNA, 23andMe, and others. Provide assistance in using third party DNA sites including GEDmatch.
  • Chromosome Mapping and Visual Phasing – learn which ancestors are  in your genes and how to use them to find cousins. Software used include Genome Mate Pro and DNA Painter.
  • Assist adoptees to find birth parents through DNA testing.
  • Education – Conduct DNA educational program for your group.
  • Family history research- Conduct family history and to help create or grow your family tree. My areas of specialty include New England and Wisconsin.