• Understanding mtDNA – 30 minute discussion of mtDNA and its use in Genetic Genealogy.
  • Using X-DNA – 30 minute discussion of X DNA and its uses in Genetic Genealogy. Examples included.
  • GEDmatch Getting Started – 45 minute discussion of setting up an account and using GEDmatch tools.
  • Using Family Tree DNA – 30 minute presentation on using the Family Tree DNA site.
  • Digging Deeper into Your AncestryDNA Matches – 45 minute discussion of techniques to use your AncestryDNA to break through brick walls.
  • Beyond Mirror Trees, Newer Methods to Find Ancestors – 40 minute discussion of building and using mirror trees in Ancestry.
  • Treeless Matches, Tips for Constructing Trees – 45 minute discussion of techniques for building trees for treeless DNA matches.
  • DNAPainter: Find the Ancestors in Your Chromosomes – 50 minute demonstration of how to use DNA Painter.
  • DNA Testing 101: Getting Started with Genetic Genealogy